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Why is a unified people development ecosystem important?

In a word, simplicity. A unified ecosystem allows us to answer the questions 'what next?' and 'have we been effective?' at every step – covering the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment to leadership development.


As organisational development professionals and business leaders, we know the frustration of seeking out best practice solutions for personality surveys, teambuilding tools, culture surveys, training curriculum and coaching programs, only to find each solution based on its own unique framework (which is typically incompatible with the other solutions already in place). Time after time, you find these solutions are sourced from specialists who are only concerned with their own solution – offering just one piece of the puzzle. After each initiative, you are left wondering 'what now?' and 'how does this relate to the solutions we've already implemented from other specialists?'. The result: a well-intended but disjointed (and costly) effort to meet organisational development needs and little to show for it.

Many of us can relate to the following:

After a costly and time-consuming effort to conduct a culture survey, our senior leaders have high expectations for growth to follow. However, once the results are reported, we are left scrambling to put something together on our own that will address all of the improvement needs uncovered.

Or, the organisation runs a multi-rater (360-degree) feedback process - the costs of which are substantial - and the feedback reveals a number of concerns that require targeted coaching. With the reports in hand, our participants are left wondering 'how do I go about addressing these concerns?'. Similarly, team leaders are left saying 'we'll get back to you' or even worse, searching the Internet for ideas on what to do next.

The same happens all too often with personality surveys (psychometrics), through which we hope to encourage self-awareness and communication amongst our teams. Though insightful, there's rarely a meaningful integration of the results within a development program that promotes interpersonal agility.

Finally, the department runs training and coaching programs, each leveraging their own set of unrelated models and components – none of which specifically address what was discovered in the culture surveys, 360-degree feedback or personality surveys. Again, we are left scrambling to justify the costs (not to mention the time invested) and to find actionable steps for specific growth.

The result: our participants may be left with a collection of unrelated experiences without a common language, while we struggle with no unified way to measure our return on investment.

[It's a bit like baking a cake using 5 different recipes and never mixing the ingredients - you've got some fine ingredients - but no cake.]

The impact on our people:

With no way to see how it all connects, our people tend to experience 'model fatigue' in response to the disjointed nature of our learning and development initiatives. Their participation fades and our efforts to bring about real growth increasingly sound like noise to the organisation – something it may find distracting rather than essential to its very survival.

The REACH Ecosystem is the first unified people development platform specifically designed to solve these challenges – simplifying L&D for organisations from 10 employees to over 10,000 via a scalable and user-friendly cloud-based platform.

Everything you need to positively impact your organisation.

All of the below resources are included with unlimited use in your REACH Ecosystem Subscription - you will never pay for a single psychometric assessment, 360 or culture survey again.

The tools are designed to be used internally, or by external consultants and providers that are already certified in and use the REACH Ecosystem.

Whether for emerging team leaders, sales and customer service personnel, or seasoned executives, REACH Quotient (RQ) measures the personal agility needed to influence others. In the modern workplace, where collaboration is essential to gaining competitive advantage, RQ is the number you need to grow. The REACH Ecosystem Subscription includes unlimited RQ assessments, including the ability to measure performance improvement over time, including pre- and post-initiatives.

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REACH Profiles are based on a psychometric survey of adult personality style designed specifically for workplace applications. Offering reports for the entire employee lifecycle, including recruitment, personal growth, team building, coaching, sales training and leadership development, REACH Profiles have been used to critical acclaim by over 2,500 organisations, including more than 50,000 participants. Unlimited use of all REACH Profiles is included in the REACH Ecosystem Subscription.

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The REACH Culture Survey offers a clear and concise measure of organisational culture based on the REACH framework. The REACH Culture Survey highlights sources of collaborative advantage within the workplace, while also revealing potential obstacles for organisational performance. The REACH Culture Survey provides an indication of retention outlook as well as net promoter likelihood. Because the REACH Culture Survey is fully integrated within the REACH Ecosystem, organisational development professionals have immediate and unlimited access to the resources needed to capitalise on strengths and address improvement opportunities.

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REACH 360 offers a fresh take on multi-rater (360-degree) feedback instruments. With its integrated delivery platform, when participants complete the REACH Profile, they have already completed their portion of the REACH 360. Then, raters can be invited via a simple email link to provide their ratings and comments on the 16 REACH Competencies. Participants receive a personalised report of ratings across multiple categories and from diverse perspectives, supported by raters' comments. The report identifies strengths, while revealing blind spots and potential opportunities for improvement via targeted training and coaching - available for unlimited use within the REACH Ecosystem.

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Commonly, doing a Training Needs Analysis can be a long and complex process and after the training needs analysis is done, the hunt for training solutions and providers begins, which is also very time consuming. Using the REACH Ecosystem, all those challenges go away. As you use the other tools in the system (REACH Profiles, 360's and Culture Surveys), the Training Needs Analysis is conducted automatically and instantly, and they link directly to the training and coaching resources needed to take action. REACH TNAs is available for unlimited use in the REACH Ecosystem.

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Based on the proven G.R.O.W. model, the REACH Coaches Companion provides participants with a ready-to-use, personalised coaching program. Each program is derived from the participants' own REACH Profile, incorporating both trait-based and skill-based elements for the most impact. The program provides structured conversations supplemented by practical activities, all of which are focused on a pattern of planning, action-learning and reflection. Designed for use by internal or external coaches, the REACH Coaches Companion is available for unlimited use within the REACH Ecosystem Subscription.

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Used to train 1000s of participants in more than 20 countries each year, REACH Corporate Training offers a comprehensive curriculum covering a wide range of essential skills. Developed by the world's foremost training and development experts, REACH Corporate Training offers organisations of all sizes access to industry-leading resources.

When a global training provider upgraded its own curriculum to REACH Corporate Training, feedback ratings from over 11,000 participants increased from 8.1 to 9.1, on a 10-point scale. Unlimited access to REACH Corporate Training is included with the REACH Ecosystem Subscription, allowing organisations to conduct their own training or to equip their external trainers with materials proven to grow RQ.

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Instead of having some great training days and not so great training days, you will be able to deliver an outstanding learning experience every single time that will always reach and engage your audience. Using science to engage adult learners the REACH Trainers Companion allows you to deliver training by the participant experience that gives you the insights for masterful facilitation every time. REACH Trainers Companion is available for unlimited use within the REACH Ecosystem.

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A REACH Ecosystem Subscription provides unlimited access to industry leading resources and improved outcomes for organisational training and development initiatives. Given that the REACH Ecosystem is a unified people development platform, its return on investment is unmatched by disjointed, redundant tools that simply cannot offer the same value.

Beyond simplifying and improving performance outcomes, ongoing research by the OrgDev Institute across Asia-Pacific has found that REACH Ecosystem Subscriptions reduce annual spending on people development resources by as much as 50-70%.

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