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REACH Corporate Training is a ready-to-use training library designed for training adults in core skills to help them be more effective in their current roles and to prepare them for tomorrow’s workplace. In 2018-19 REACH Corporate Training materials will be used to train over 20,000 staff in 100's of leading organisations across the globe.

Loved by participants:

At the end of 2018, the feedback scores from over 11,000 participants was 9.1/10.

Loved by Trainers:

At the end of 2018, the feedback scores from 495 trainers using REACH Corporate Training materials were asked on a scale of 1-10 how well equipped they were to ensure their training was successful. Their score was 9.15/10.

Loved by Training Departments and Training Providers:

The REACH Corporate Training curriculum covers 80% of the core competencies required across roles at all levels in organisations with a focus on communication, leadership and collaboration - the key human skills of today and tomorrow.

All courses in the reach corporate training library include everything you need to run activity-based training for adults.

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Courses by CATEGORY

Advanced Skills for Elite Personal Assistants & Executive Assistants

Business Etiquette Training Course

Business Writing Essential

Business Writing for the Modern Workplace

Foundation Skills for Elite Personal Assistants & Executive Assistants

Minute-Taking Training

Negotiation Training Course

Time Management for Managing Projects & Complex Tasks

Time Management for the Modern Individual

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Customer Facing Skills

Consultative Sales Training

Customer Service

Professional Telephone Skills

Retail Sales Training Course

Sales Training

Communication Mastery

Advanced Facilitation Skills

Assertiveness & Self-Confidence

Body Language

Communication Skills

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Facilitation Skills

Train the Trainer (3-day course)

Conflict Resolution

Leadership ('Self' and 'Others')

PPA Series: Building Creativity & Problem - Solving Capacity with a Growth Mindset

PPA Series: Building Team Synergy

PPA Series: Identifying Difference as Opportunities

PPA Series: Resilience & You

PPA Series: Taking Productivity to the Next Level

Creating Team Synergy

Leadership Training Short Course (2-days) (Coming 1st Quarter 2019)

Supervising Others

The Emerging Leader Development Program (Coming 1st Quarter 2019)

REACH Corporate Training has the REACH Ecosystem woven throughout the learning journey where it adds value. The unique REACH model provides a combination of trait based and skill-based insights to provide more "aha" moments supported by aspirational growth-focussed action plans.

REACH Corporate Training defines the standard for modern workplace learning, incorporating best practice models brought to life through activity-based training. The inclusion of the REACH Profiles provides opportunities for personal growth, appreciating diversity and the ability to measure growth in people's Reach Quotient scores during their development journey.

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