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REACH Quotient (RQ) is the most effective and simple way of measuring a person’s ability to ‘shift gear’ as needed to be a high performing leader, manager, supervisor, sales person and team member.

RQ is a unique measurement tool that extends traditional use of psychometrics by analysing a person’s Relational Drive (RE) and Achievement Drive (ACH) in a new way with a competency-based EQ to deliver more reliable ways to predict performance.

RQ is the number you need to grow.

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the difference makes

When you adopt RQ your world simplifies – you can recruit, measure, train and coach all with a single framework accessed from a single place. RQ reduces survey and model fatigue while making it clear where your highest payoff development opportunities lie.

Best of all, you have unlimited use of all resources and tools for one low fee and the option to do everything either internally or to use our external partners. Most organisations see a 60-70% reduction in hard costs and significantly better efficiency and simplicity.

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RQ provides RQ Grow - a suite of resources to help people, teams and organisations grow their RQ.

RQ Grow resources use the latest in evidence - based research to make the conversation about measurement and growth as simple for the Intern as the CEO.

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