REACH Products are visual and tactile resources that improve activities during coaching, training and workshops, and even more importantly help keep the impactful learning top of mind back on the job aso they can help your workplace sustain productive and positive culture.

Insights to Know, Resources to grow, and products to keep it alive.


REACH Cubes are 7.5 cm square EVA foam cubes. They have been designed with two primary purposes/activities. You’re encouraged to use the cubes in any creative way would below are two recommended activities for use.

Activity 1:

In workshop activities encourage people to think and behave in activities based on the colour cube they are provided. This makes for a whole new level of empathy building and appreciation for strength of thinking differently.

Activity 2:

After introducing REACH using the Corporate Training Library provide each person with a set of 4 cubes to take back to their workplace. In addition to keeping the concepts alive, there are two sides designed to help them grow their REACH and the REACH of their colleagues. One side encourages growth of each person’s REACH by posing the Question: Think before I act - is this what the situation needs me to be?

Another side allows the person to place a dice on the top of their stack that reads: Thanks for Dropping by, right now I am in my ______ quadrant. This is designed to help people recognise the different behaviour/response they may or may not receive from the person based on the situation (this helps see below the tip of the iceberg).


REACH Caps are embroidered front and back and come in the four REACH Quadrant Colours. They are designed for an activity called “Thinking in Colour” where participants literally wear the cap of someone else’s quadrant. When you do this in a group activity and have everyone REACH to that colour, people learn to appreciate the different styles and begin to learn to increase their REACH. This is great for social posting about your REACH sessions!

REACH Floor Mat

REACH Floor Mats are bright, colourful lightweight 2m x 2m floor mats. They are designed to get people up and physically moving. The sheer act of physically moving to another place has been proven to change mindsets and perspective.

Activity 1:

Designed to be used with up to 6-8 people at the beginning of a training session using the REACH Corporate Training Materials this is great for small groups doing the ‘REACH in Two Questions’ activity.

Activity 2:

This is perfect for use in role plays/fishbowl activities from just about any of the Corporate Training Materials. People stand in different quadrants and behave in that style. Then debrief activities such as Conflict Resolution, Delegation, Customer Service and more. Imagine the power of visually seeing an Advisor manage conflict between two Drivers. Or a Counselor dealing face-to-face with an irate customer driver.

Activity 3:

This can be used in the office as a rug to keep the REACH concepts alive.

REACH Team Dynamic Visualiser

REACH Team Visualisers are great in training and if displayed in a high staff traffic area will keep REACH top on mind.

  • Ask people to go up and mark where their position on the grid is with a sticky dot and their initials. When this is done one person at a time with people that know each other it’s a super effective way to get everyone engaged and talking and learning more about the dynamic they have with each other.
  • It can be even more powerful if people are provided a REACH Cap or REACH Quadrant Label to wear or trade during the day.
  • If you construct this activity with people who haven’t yet seen their REACH score they begin to develop a sense of their self-awareness and blind spots.
  • This is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to keep Team Dynamics and REACH alive. If you use a blank one and add people with dots, the benefit is that you can add or remove people without having to re-print the poster which can be generated from the TEAM Insights section of the Ecosystem.

REACH Quadrant Labels

These are a low cost, single use substitutes for the REACH Caps or holding a REACH Cube, or to a lesser extent the physical moving using the REACH Floor Mat. You can print your own here or order them from the REACH Resources store. These are effective, although not generally as impactful as the hats, cubes or using the mat.

REACH Strength Cards

These are impactful cards are designed to improve team building and self confidence. They are suggested for use in the REACH Coaches Companion and the PPA Team Synergy course. They explore more diverse attributes than the REACH Competencies and really help open up broader conversations that grow REACH as part of the learning journey and appreciate diversity in the team.

REACH Online Certification

This technical certification covers the fundamentals of the science and research behind REACH and provides training in the application of the different tools. This certification is available exclusively to Subscribers, Practitioners and Partners.