Personalised coaching programs

The business coach<>coachee relationship and journey is unique and personal. Until now the resources provided to coaches have been limited to generic templated worksheets, frameworks and activities. This leaves coaches to either spend many hours preparing or being forced to create high value sessions on the fly.

The REACH Coaches Pack creates the first ready-to-use 12-month coaching programs tailored to each individual's highest payoff development opportunities.

It's flexible - the REACH Coaches Pack is designed to be flexible to let the relationship follow the needs and circumstances each person is facing, yet it provides structure, content and activities so the coach can walk in and add value confidently and professionally with little to no preparation.

It's measurable - research has shown that developing a person's Reach Quotient (RQ) improves their confidence, adaptability and effectiveness is all workplace scenarios and that targets each person's highest impact growth opportunities. When you use the REACH Coaches Pack the coachees RQ will be generated so you will be able to re-measure RQ scores at the end of the engagement to provide an impartial growth score and quantify the growth achieved over the journey.

It's supported - in addition to being able to measure growth in Reach Quotient, the REACH Coaches Pack is supported by the 360 and Culture Surveys in the REACH Ecosystem at no extra cost so demonstrable positive impact can be quantified for leaders of all levels. For coaches that want to take their relationships further, the REACH Ecosystem gives them access to extensive world-class psychometric tools and complete training packages to use with groups.

The REACH Coaches Pack changes the landscape for business and executive coaches - try it for free today with an unrestricted 14-day trial.